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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Beacon (FIU's student newspaper) did an article on the exhibit in GC (after it was taken down). As usual, one is never quoted accurately (I think I actually said "it feels like I've come full circle with my involvement with the Gallery" or something like that) and despite the huge typo on the title (its 10 years not 20 - I'm not THAT old!) the article is ok.

ugh....Yes, the gallery was an asset to FIU when the students involved had a fire under their asses (remember?) and were excited and passionate and willing to stand up to the "powers that be", no fear, no doubts, no worries...they didn't consider their hard work and dedication to the gallery as a sacrifice, but rather as an awesome opportunity for their "compadres".

However, things have changed.

I certainly do hope that there will be a 20th anniversary. But I cannot hold my breath on that one. I suppose in my old age I'm becoming more realistic (say it aint so). The administration in that place has been waiting for those "damned" art students to die down so they can take over that space and not have to deal with artists just have to trust me on that one. And by you, I mean the one person that I know is reading

Maybe the misquote is accurate after all - the closing of a circle - which has been welded, super-glued and sewn shut...forever.

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