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Monday, November 20, 2006

chill in the air

We've had chilly weather for the last couple days.
Its absolutely lovely.
Kinda makes you forget where you are (and by you I mean me and by where I mean
I felt a little nostalgic, walking to my the end of the work day today. Felt like I was back in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
This is typical of late fall there, getting colder in the coming months and lasting through March or so.
There are definite things I miss about 'bama.
The cold weather is one (I'll tell you others as they occur to me in the future).
For the first time in my life I had a fireplace. Sound of crackling wood...I would stare at the flames for what seemed like hours...just thinking...contemplating...planning. I actually would leave the sliding glass door open to let the cold air in, with all the lights off, great music on (usually some sort of soft jazz), and fire blazing...til I remembered my Miami paranoia and would close the door. But it was good while it lasted and I did it often enough to have that feeling etched in my being forever ...very, very nice
(everyone should experience that).

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