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Monday, November 27, 2006

I had my headache again, all day today.
Do not know what that's about - And I suppose I really don't want to know.

During lunch I went to the park adjacent to where I work. The sky was full of clouds and there was a nice breeze. It was pleasant.

I took pictures (see below).

I've gotten into digital photography lately (I'll post a series of "lights" soon), since I can't make real art at the moment.

Hmm...that might have sounded bad.

Can anyone press a button on a camera? Mostly Yes.
Do you need some aesthetically interesting, decision-making abilities to take a good photograph? Of course.
But, many "photographers" I know take 100 shots to get a couple good ones, so it leaves the common man to think that photography as "art" is a joke. I don't necessarily agree with that, because
there are exceptions to every rule.

I find that the more cutting edge photographic work(that which is manipulated in some way, whether pre or post shooting) is the most interesting, most psychologically affected. (just my opinion).

The following photographers are on my "favorite artists" list:
- Joel Peter Witkin
- Marta Maria Perez Bravo
- Michael David Andre
- Jan Saudek
- Vickie Suarez

Miami Sky:

Tamiami Park Sky/Trees, Miami, FL

FIU Sky/Trees, Miami, FL

FIU dorms, Miami, FL


East of Oregon said...

enjoyed reading your blog today... answer to the question can anybody push a button on the camera, probably .. mostly everybody, BUT not everybody does... and NOT everybody knows when to push it or where to aim and etc.... the pushing of the button is only a fraction of the result.

Ana said...

I agree with you. I was hoping my comment didn't come across as an attack on photographers or their medium (I suppose it did - but I'll blame it on this aching head of mine).
I can't process film to save my life (or probably take a good photograph). Just 'cause I am able to push the button, doesn't mean I will have a good result.

Aside from "when to push and where to aim" there is editing - deciding which one is good enough to show. Art is complicated and so wonderful.

By the Way...Oh my goodness! Someone other than my friends is reading! Thank you for your comment.

East of Oregon said...

oh thanks for visiting my blog! your photos really are very nice and you are obviously doing well in your art... ok, in answer to the "tag" question ... (I'm new to blogging too so this is basic info)

When someone tags you, it means they want you to answer the question posed to you. You don't have to .. you shouldn't feel like you should .. it's just a little like saying, "hey I'm commenting on your blog and as a matter of fact would you answer this question (or these questions) just for fun?" kinda thing...

That's what happened to me a few days ago. Someone that I had posted on (and vice versa) a few times posted a comment saying she "tagged" me with the three word meme or funny question(s) . . (which was on her blog - so I went and copied it into mine and then changed the answers to reflect my thoughts. I then picked 3 people or blos that I've interacted with and posted on their blogs that I'd tagged them.. meaning would you please play along and answer the questions that I answered.. or
"it's your turn now." It's all fun. Some people don't like to do that at all and I completely understand that. I probably wouldn't make a habit of it, number one because it's a little time consuming, and number two, you really don't know who might get offended and who won't once you tag them. One of the persons I tagged actually did not want to do it and that's fine.

I think I rambled a bit. There's a link on my blog for "Skittles" . . you should visit her site, it's really fun and she's very informative about blogging things - and especially helpful for new bloggers. I've even asked her specific questions and she answers quite promptly.

take care and do visit again often! I hope your headache gets better very soon also.. :)

Wende said...

Welcome to blogging, Ana! Lovely photos--I hope your headache subsides soon! :)

Ana said...

Thank you.

To cure my headache (this has worked before - don't ask why or how) I played music very loudly (evanescence new cd - its awesome btw)...seriously blasting from the speakers.

Headache is gone - but now I can't hear a damned thing!


squirrel said...

Beautiful pictures! And you are so lucky to live in such a great city with great weather!

Ana said...

Hello Oregon...thank you for the explanation on tagging, I appreciate it. I like answering those fun questions, so I'll probably copy and paste from your site and add it to mine.

And don't worry about the rambling (hey its my middle name)