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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Its Time...

Well, the headache is gone (thank you to the well-wishers).

I found a folder where I had stored some poems I wrote about a year ago when I was going through some "stuff".
I think its time to share some of these.
I never thought I would show these to anyone, but I'm now thinking...what can it hurt?

Here is one that I wrote in Spanish (and the translation is below it).


Esto parece odio...lo que estoy sintiendo
Pero no puede ser.
Estoy tan enamorada...tonta...perdida en el azul de tus ojos
Ojos que no me lloran.

Como puedes seguir viviendo, disfrutando, respirando?
Como es que yo no puedo?

La angustia - me perturba
El dolor - me manipula
La soledad - me encierra

Quiero que tu lo sientas tambien...esta perdicion - esta locura que me esta matando.

Te amo - Te deseo - Te espero...pero...
Que no puedas comer
sin mi...que no puedas existir

Que no puedas sonreir
sin mi...que no puedas satisfacerte

Que no puedas dormir
sin mi...que no puedas respirar


This resembles hatred...what I'm feeling
But it cannot be
I am so in love...silly...lost in the blue of your eyes
Eyes that do not cry for me.

How can you continue living, enjoying, breathing?
How is it that I cannot?

The Anguish - disturbs me
The Pain - manipulates me
The Solitude - engulfs me

I want you to feel it too...this perdition - this insanity that is killing me

I love you - I desire you - I wait for you...but...
I want...
That you cannot eat
Without me...that you cannot exist

That you cannot smile
Without me...that you cannot be satisfied

That you cannot sleep
Without me...that you cannot breathe

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