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Monday, November 6, 2006

online exhibit =

Some of my work is featured in an online exhibit at TheArtsOffice.Net

Below is the press release.

"Autobiographical Memory
New Work by Ana Beatriz Galano
November 6 - December 15th, 2006

An autobiographical memory is a personal representation of general or specific events and personal facts.

"Ana Beatriz Galano is an artist defined by an unflinching and ofttimes unnerving honesty within her artistic expression. She has a dedication to the intricacies of line and a visual vocabulary so unmistakably her own that it translates with additional cogency in her computer drawings.

An engagement with her visuals, the sharing of an autobiography laid bare tangibly marks off psychological areas for the debridement necessary to healing...and not just her own.

So grab the wine and fuzzy slippers, because you'll definitely need a chaser. "

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