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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There are so many gifted people out many.

I'm feeling highly unproductive, useless, uninteresting, untalented.

This is why sometimes I cannot see other artists' work. I cannot help but compare myself and I always feel completely inadequate. What the heck am I doing thats worthwhile?

This isn't a pity party...really. Its a real argument that I have with myself every single day. I wonder if my fate is to just be the "secretary/administrative assistant/slave" and I should just accept it and let my silly dreams go.

I've heard that you must create your own destiny...and I have always agreed with that. Fear is the only thing that keeps us from attaining...well, anything really.
Fear of what?
It's different for each of us.
I know I'm afraid of being happy (I mean, what if "happy" isn't all its cracked up to be? what is there to dream about then??).
I'm afraid of not living up to my best potential, so I figure...why bother?

I'm SO screwed up.

I've noticed so many blogs, so interesting and positive and hopeful and creative. Found this one today A Painting a Day (By Duane Keiser)- beautiful...I'm so jealous.

OK, maybe I just had a little pity party.


By the way...I almost fell asleep right here, while writing this. (its not even 10 o'clock!).

(tomorrow I'll upload those "lights" photos I mentioned before.

very sleepy...nite nite


East of Oregon said...

I've been where you in fact...
Tonight is better than today and tomorrow will be better than all of it. One day at a time is all we get, so tomorrow I get to start over .. yay is all I can say.

take care.

Anonymous said...

OMG...I promise myself every year that I'll do a painting a day. Ugh...I'm digusted with myself...I gotta go lay down.

colleen said...

I suspect we all do that. Sometimes I think something I wrote is great, even greater than it is. Other times I feel like I'm getting nowhere and nothing amounts to anything. It seems to all be in my perception. Meanwhile, I just plug away because that's who I am and what I do.

I enjoyed the link to that artist. I have a featured artist link on my site you might enjoy browsing through.