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Saturday, November 18, 2006

theres people out there doin' stuff

- they're laughing
- they're having a good time
- driving to and fro
- visiting friends
- the city is buzzing all around me
- i think i hear glasses clinking (or maybe i'm just having a brain aneurysm)
- theres music off in the sure theres dancing goin on
- some are having a cocktail
- others are having dinner in a nice, cozy, softly lit restaurant
- couples are out on first dates
- others are celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, promotions
- some are "makin looove" (said in a barry white voice)
- some are just "gettin it on" all kinky and nasty-like (with nine inch nails song "Closer" playing in the background)

and i'm sitting here telling you the fun they're all having

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