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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Three Thing MeMe

I saw this on East of Oregon's blog and thought I'd give it a go.

* Three things that scare me:
- the thought of never making art...again
- the thought of never living on my own...again
- the thought of never having a good, stable relationship. (there's no "again" here folks).

* Three people who make me laugh:
- Tonie (friend), Christine (friend), Natasha(niece)

*Three things I love:
- Cold Weather
- Chocolate (only 'cause it temporarily feels real good)
-The feeling right after stepping back from a new piece I've just started / finished

*Three things I hate:
- Disrespect
- Mental Abuse
- The people on my hate list

*Three things I don't understand:
- hmm, i don't think 3 is going to cover it

*Three things on my desk:

- Snail Slime Gel (helps protect & repair skin). Paid $14.95 for it, meanwhile, I have a yard full of snails I want to get rid of...
-my jewlery (spread out allll over) **xmas wish list item - jewlery armoire **
- batteries (AA's you perverts)

*Three things I'm doing right now:
- answering these questions

- watching "Who's Line Is It Anyway"
- noticing my huge reflection in the mirror

*Three things I want to do before I die:
- be invited to participate in the Venice & Whitney Biennales
- have "Earth-shattering", "Better than Chocolate" sex
- forgive and forget

*Three things I can do:
- Bitch and Moan
- Be Funny
- Flirt

*Three things I can't do:
- Handle the truth
- Buy Love
- Ride a bicycle

*Three things you should listen to:
- My Intuition
- Bobby's advice
- Metallica

*Three things you should never listen to:
- The voices in my head
- Gossip
- Criticism from others

*Three things I'd like to learn:
- How to play the guitar (bought one last year and tried teaching myself, but i need help)
- How to let go of my anger
- Confidence

*Three favourite foods:
-Only 3? Did I NOT mention my huge reflection? Please.

*Three beverages I drink regularly:
- Diet 7 up, Lite Orange Juice, Water

*Three TV shows I watched as a child:
- Three's Company (I was absolutely, madly in love with John Ritter)
- BJ and the Bear (remember that one?)
- Bug's Bunny & Friends and the Smurfs (What the Smurf?! Are you Smurfing kidding me?? SMURF you!! )

What to do with a "MeMe"?

Copy the questions into a new post on your blog then answer them.


Barb said...

I adored John Ritter also!

Anonymous said...

Lite Orange Juice!!! What is this world coming to. [shaking my head sadly]. I going to go eat a spoonful of sugar.

Ana said...

Yes Lite Orange juice...can you believe it? I just got use to it when I was on my diet (emphasis on WAS). Anyway, its just the regular stuff, just watered down.

It's good, I swear.

Ana said...

Can I say "JUST" one more time????


Skittles said...

Memes are so much fun!