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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I need to rant
WARNING: I feel some cursing coming...

I've added another person to my hate list (it's still November, I'm allowed). I'm close to telling her to go fuck herself. Why do you have to walk on eggshells around certain people, as if they were more important than you ?!? Fuck that!

..all better now...

(Look, I know it seems "un-lady-like" to curse, but I've come to grips and accept that part of me that needs to say those words sometimes to release tension. It doesn't make me any less of a lady...just honest. You know you want to...go ahead...I won't judge.
And besides, I had many years of repression and control, mostly via the Catholic Church & Cuban Parents...gimme a break and let me curse every once in a while, ok?)

Alright, so I've changed my mind about the "Holiday Party" post...I knew this might happen. I should have just done it last night, 'cause now I'm over it.

You see, I was doing just fine...strolling along, enjoying the cool weather, reminiscing about stuff and then you come across someone that ruins your whole day.

The weather is still nice, though. And oh yes, I haven't mentioned this, but I've been doing a little gardening (mostly container gardening on my balcony) and I water them every day, check them carefully, deadhead (#8), talk and encourage them to grow and be purty, etc. (Its proven to be a very relaxing and rewarding experience).
And although this might be a totally wrong thing to do... in this chilly weather, I've been watering them with warm know, so their footsies are warm (don't make fun of me! I know they're roots, sheesh). I really think they appreciate it, though. Two plants that weren't doing too good have flowered as of there! [I will upload photos soon.]

OK, I'm done for now...

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