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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Auto Drawings

During lunch (if I don't run an errand, etc.), I have been getting in my car and driving around and eventually ending up in the park adjacent to work (I mentioned this in a previous post where I showed you some "Miami sky" photos).

I find that being in my car, I can hear my music as loud as my ears can stand (my newest FAVE is Evanescence: The Open Door - click here and scroll down a little to hear some samples, then buy the cd).

Within the last week or so, I have done a few small (3.5"x5") drawings....I get lost in the process. They're not extensive, actually quite simple little things, but they're very satisfying. Honestly, I get in my car and drive around, to escape...its one hour and damn it, I will claim it as my own and get away from that place. So I take the last 10 minutes or so and doodle as I listen to the music.

Here are the 4 I've done, so far (ink on sketchbook paper)

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