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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I know...its been 3 days

just haven't felt up to it.

i've been going to the gym (big whoop)

don't see results yet, lol (yes, i'm what)

this is a pms'ing week (by the way, I checked yes to everything on the checklist) and i am about to make headlines because of foul play against a "red shirt" (my nickname for the gym's personal trainers). i swear, if i have one more approach by a "red shirt" trying to get me to hire them...of course in the guise of trying to help me be a better me...i swear...there's gonna be "red" spilled all over the place.

you now see why i haven't blogged


my manatee picture isn't on Conan's hoo...can't even do that right...jeez..i even said pretty please with sugar on top


here's another poem from last year

12-14-05 (4 pm)

I'm sorry

that I didn't inspire your art
that I wasn't pretty enough
that I didn't encourage you to stop drinking
that I'm not thin like she is
that I didn't challenge your mind

I'm sorry

that I loved you more than myself
that I gave my heart and trust to you
that I let you criticize me
that I lost myself in you
that we ever met


there, that should have made up for the last 3 days.


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