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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

RE: Studio 60

This is a quickie, 'cause I'm at work (shhh, don't tell on me)

I'm not sobbing anymore....I swear, I'm such a sap.

Everytime I see people "falling in love" on tv/movies, I cry uncontrollably - can't help it.

Its the "falling" part thats exciting and scary and gives you the "tinglies"...such a wonderful feeling. Makes you think you can conquer the world.

OK, I really like this show. If you haven't caught on, you can watch previous episodes here. Don't know how far back they go, but take a look.


CountryDew said...

Falling in love is a good thing. So are tears.

East of Oregon said...

I watched the 2 minute recap video through your link - thanks! Looks like a funny show!