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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

new poem (Spanish)...

Lately, I seem to only be able to communicate through these poems .

Words, phrases, sentences...put together to make sense of my life right now (their function serves just as well as the imagery, that comes from my hands)

The clouds overhead - don't allow for normal conversation right I prefer to write rather than talk...


Quise escapar el dolor y la angustia
y por eso me fui de tu lado
pero...quizàs cometì un error.

El dolor me persigue adonde quiera que vaya
que tonta fui...creì que te podìa olvidar
pero aun permaneces en mi ser
màs que nunca te añoro y deseo

Que locura es el amor...
me destrozò la confianza
me hizo abandonar toda razòn
me dejò confundida y alterada

No creo que pueda otra vez
sentir eso tan intenso
es debilitante, muy dificil

no puedo


I wanted to escape the pain and anguish
and that is why I left your side
but...perhaps I made a mistake

The pain follows me wherever I go
how foolish I was...believing I could forget
but you remain within
more than ever I yearn for and desire you

How crazy is love...
it destroyed my trust
made me abandon all reason
left me confused and altered

I do not believe I can do it again
feel that intensity
its debilitating, so difficult

I cannot

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