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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Two things...

Today there was a Holiday Party at work...too many people (ugh).
There was a great band playing...
people were dancing...
I was so tempted, but I couldn't, I wouldn't, I didn't.
I really was tempted though.

I did it
Joined a gym
I always feel totally ripped off and violated after (and during) the "contract" process.

You know that other people who are good negotiators, can get a great deal, perks, etc.
I always get the raw end...I'm a chump and they know it and take full advantage of it...I just hate it when anyone blatantly lies to me, you know?

They tell you their regular deal, you say you can't afford it and need a better price or you walk, they say they'll talk to their manager, come back with a not-that-much-better deal and because at this point you're completely exhausted after all the information they've thrown at you, you accept, just to get them to shut the fuck up.
Its a science and this is why they make gazillions.
But I did it.
Now I'll be able to exercise and start the process all over again...maybe this time it will work.


East of Oregon said...

yay for the gym :)
happy Friday!

johnfshelly said...

I am just writing to offer encouraement. In Minnesota we do not get any special offers - we all pay the same exhorbitant amount (at my club- 84.00 per mo.).

Go get em!

Michelle said...

Don't feel bad. I am very tenatious and aggressive when it comes to this stuff, and you get screwed on the gym contracts no matter what.

I can really relate to your whole struggle with your weight. I recently gained a bunch of what I had lost back (my high point was 250, and I got back up to 225). I lost twenty again pretty fast, and then a bunch of drama happened with my son, and I almost instantly dropped the diet. Well, it took about three days before it was gone completely, I guess.

I have the depression thing too. It, for me, is definitly related to the weight thing. Emotional eating? Hey, you can move to Texas, where everything is big, including most of the people in my town. I fit right in. =)

Good luck with the gym! Perhaps you'll inspire me.

Ana said...

- Hi Oregon, yes, finally did it.

- John - thank you for the encouragement...definitely need it. $84? ouch!

- Michelle - The same thing happened to me. I had lost 75 lbs and something happened that completely stopped me in my tracks. I am the queen of emotional eating. Its quite fascinating, I suppose. Because I actually see a menu in my mind that flips to all the "bad" stuff, when I'm mad, sad, name it. Texas, huh? I'll start packing my bags ;)

Thank you and I hope y'all have a great weekend.