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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Answer to "anonymous", who an OLD friend from my days of chatting on yahoo.

I know this is kind of cheating, as this is a response to comment #1 of the previous post...but take whatever you can get folks.

Anonymous said...

"you know I can remember telling my older sister 20+ years ago that she was so negative. She told me then just wait until life has knocked you around. Oh the arrogance of youth, I told her I would never be that negative. Now I fight to be positive. You can only have your hopes and dreams not realized before it is easier to expect the worst than be disappointed yet again, so I'll pull up a chair, you pour the coffee and we'll whine together....By the way, your poetry is amazing, Ana. Can you sing? or play the piano, because I always wanted to sing, speak Spanish, play the piano, be an artist and a poet and you got me beat on 3 out of 5 so far. Mucarsma, Belle (eek) I mean Aimee"


Thank you for the compliment (you're too kind). I've never thought of my writing as anything worth reading, but as I look back and re-read stuff from when I was younger and especially the more recent stuff and I find myself liking it more and more (I will post some poems I wrote when I was around 19...eek).

RE: Singing - Well, I think I sing good, but no one will ever know, unless they put their ear to my bathroom door (you know...shower singing?) or I decide to go on American Idol (the horror!)

RE: Piano - Have always envied anyone who plays any musical instrument. Last year I bought a guitar and started to teach myself...but i couldn't get past the easy chords. I'm trying to convince myself to get lessons. We'll see what happens.

John Mayer tomorrow!
I hope I fit in the seat (ugh, you see? I can ruin any good moment...its really a talent, you know).

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