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Saturday, January 27, 2007

ARTS Bound: LA

I am the proud Aunt & Godmother of Natasha Galano, an aspiring actress and future super star (for which I will take partial credit, as when she was little, we would put on "plays" and played very creative, imaginative games) - I'm so wonderful :D.
She will be graduating this semester from North Carolina School of the Arts and will be heading into the professional world soon. Below is a Press Release with details of a fund-raising campaign she and her classmates have undertaken to be able to go to Los Angeles for showcasing their talent.
Please read and if you can contribute in any way, it would be a wonderful thing you're doing (and its tax deductible)
We must support the arts and artists - they are after all, what is keeping our world from imploding (and of course, I'm not biased)

"The NCSA School of Drama has always sent its graduating class to New York City to present a showcase attended by agents, managers and casting directors in the business. Since NCSA began taking students to NYC, the business has changed drastically. With Los Angeles as the center of the television and film industries, a high volume of work is cast on the West Coast. By only traveling to NYC with our senior showcase, we are missing out on a significant opportunity to display our talent.
NCSA is among the most prestigious acting conservatories in the nation. We are in the league of acting programs that includes Yale, the NYU graduate program and Carnegie Mellon University. Each one of these schools has made the crucial LA showcase a reality. In order to follow the lead of these other schools, the class of 2007 will need to raise all necessary funds ourselves, as NCSA will only be funding the NYC showcase.
We as a class have been working diligently to raise this sum through numerous fundraising activities at our school. However, we cannot do it alone. Each student must raise $1,200 of the $25,000 to make this dream a reality. And yes, dear friend, we are hoping that you will help us reach our goal. Any contribution you can make brings us closer to the first-ever NCSA LA Showcase. From $1 to $500, to buying us our own jet...anything you can give is greatly appreciated.
And of course your donation is tax deductible.
Help us join the ranks of past NCSA graduates such as revered film and TV actress Mary Louise Parker, Saturday Night Live actor Chris Parnell, and co-star of the Matrix, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Who knows? Maybe one day, you'll tune into Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy, see one of our lovely faces and be able to say you helped us get there!
With sincere gratitude,
The graduating class of 2007"

Please make checks payable to:

NCSA Foundation

Please note in Memo line on check:
ARTS BOUND: LA / natasha galano supporter

(include a note with your Name, Full Address and Amount Enclosed along with your check)

Career Services Office
1533 S. Main St.
Winston Salem, NC 27127

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