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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I realize that the focus of the poems has been about "love". I know that it might be repetitive and its certainly even almost sickening, but it's what is being inspired right now and I don't wish to censor myself.

This is something I'm working through...something I need to do. Its long overdue, quite frankly. I just happen to be using this medium to express myself and you happen to be the poor souls (victims) that have to suffer through it with me. Although I suppose you could stop reading, but I really wouldn't want that. We all have the same life experiences (especially in regards to love), just different faces, different places.

I work through my issues in my artwork. Right now I cannot paint or draw, for x amount of reasons, so I'm writing about the stuff in my head, in my heart, in my life. Some drawn from actual experiences, some embellished, some fictional...its all mixed up.

Thank you for bearing with me.

Maybe one day I'll write about puppy dogs and sugarplums and how wonderful life is.


woke up with a smile.
stretched slowly,
savoring the moment

i reached to my right,
thinking you were there
where it was warm before

i lay there wondering if
you were making breakfast
what a delight

reminiscing about the
night before,
so passionate

time to get up...
walked to the kitchen
you weren't there

called your name...
no response.

where are you?


i remember now...
it was only a dream

1 comment:

sp_isme said...

Very haunting ending for your poem. Truly lovely.