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Thursday, January 18, 2007

i saw myself in the mirror this morning...

and was quite frightened.

i seemed to have aged about 10 years.
all because i cried last night.
ok, so i cried for quite a while, but its not fair.
i guess after 30 you're not allowed to shed a few.
if you do, you pay the consequences.
take note, ladies.

anyway, the following was inspired by the "incident".


reflective glass...

purveyor of lies
revealer of flaws;
haggard and worn,
exhausted and torn.

from the cause...

oceans of fears,
and rivers of tears
for a life

memories fettered...

no strength for change
or hope to rebuild
just an infinity
to reflect upon this travesty.


Anonymous said...

Tears are a gift from God to wash away the pain...I just have one other thing to say....MUCARSMA!
guess who

Ana said...

I don't know about the gift part, but please...its New Car SMELL! Aimee!!!! How the heck are you?!

writerwoman said...

Since I am 29 this whole post speaks to me loudly. Love how pretty you made the sadness expressed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana...was lonely and thought, hmmmm, who can I google....and there you are. I am doing good, nothing much has changed. I still have the same email if you have it. We should catch up.
I can't believe you remembered MUCARSMA, lol.