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Saturday, January 27, 2007

John Mayer (the concert)...

Such talent should be illegal (or at least come with a warning, so you're prepared to be blown away).
What a great experience. I am very glad I went, despite some anxiety (being surrounded by lots of people is a no-no for me) and a possible ruptured eardrum. Once the lights were dimmed, I got lost in the music (albeit, amid some crackling noise in my right ear - must have that checked)

summary (missing some details)

I walked in,
I sat down
(yes I fit in the seat!! woohoo!)
i had no one to my left and no one to my right
until a few minutes passed
and this couple passes by me and I'm thinking (please not next to me, please not...)
the guy sits right next to me.
I (always thinking of others) said to him
"you know, this might get a little cozy" (since his left side was touching my right)
and he leaned into me and put his bald head on my shoulder and jokingly said
"ohhhhhh we're gonna be nice and cozy" (or something to that effect - honestly I was too shocked from having a cute guy's bald head on my shoulder and i found it so amusing, i was giggling like a school girl) .
we had a lovely conversation, at some point his girl had gone somewhere...who cares
(I think she found some friends, or something)
he and i kept talking (don't ask me about what right now...just this and that)
i didn't even notice she had come back
but she noticed he and i were still talking
so then she started the rubbing of his thigh and grabbing of his arm and trying to get his attention.
and i realized...oh my goodness, she's acting as if she's jealous, claiming (or marking) her territory
(because of me?? Come on, really??? silly girl...teehee)

so, i consciously stopped eye contact with him (who kept talking to me..more this and are so clueless) . i stopped, only because i didn't want it to get complicated (not because i was skeered of skinny chick).
I have been accused of being flirtatious (even though I don't think I was doing that this time, really I wasn't!) and didn't want her to get huffy with me.
(lest i should throw her onto the ground floor below us).
huffy chick = another no-no

ok enough about silly girl.

at some point he asked,
are you by yourself?
i said yes
and he actually said awwww (i have NEVER heard a man say awww - and this was a man, not a fruity-girly man, he's a MAN who smelled divinely and who's name i didn't get.)

anyway, concert started and conversation pretty much was interrupted (damn it - lol, sorry John, love ya! yeah, like he'll read this).

she was annoying...good lord...much too immature for him (well, thats just my opinion).

then they left a bit before the concert ended (tsk, tsk) and as he passed me he leaned down and kissed my cheek, squeezed my hand and said it was nice meeting you
[meanwhile I'm thinking...wait, don't go, we didn't officially meet!! gosh darn it!...i kept waiting for her to go pee or something, so i could talk with him (not flirt), but nuthin doin', chick has a bladder of steel]

then she passed and did the same (kiss, hand shake), with this smug grin which screamed of "ha! i won, neener neener neeeeenerrrrr. I get to leave with himmmmm and you don'ttt!!!"

silly little twit.

anyway, it was a great evening...because of John Mayer and the mysteriously interesting-funny-charming-witty-great smelling-Cuban-bald headed man.



Anonymous said...

I am proud of you to be fearless and go to the concert despite having no one to go with. And Clueless Twit may have went home with him, but he had the better time with you...
Sorry I love your blog, and you know me, always have to insert some comment. Does it say something about me that my two favorite blogs are Miami and Perez Hilton!?! Aimee

Ana said...

I'd say I'm more stubborn, than fearless.
And I doubt he had a better time with me (after all SHE was the one rubbing his leg, lol), but it was nice to have a normal conversation with a man - he was so friendly (so wonderfully refreshing).
Perez Hilton is CUBAN????
I had no idea.

Xhyra said...

You're hilarious! I was giggling the entire time while reading your post. I'm glad you had a good time and got to sit next to a cute bald man. Woohoo! You didn't tell me that!

Remember, men think of kissing the cheeks of darkly mysterious and powerful women while they are with tuning their twitty girlfriends out, like the opposite of thinking of baseball. At least I like to think so. Let me have my fantasies. hee.

Ana said...

Girrrrrl...he was right next to me when I was talking with you. I couldn't say anything.
And, could you explain this thing about baseball?
lol, you lost me.