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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

nothing original to say..

i've said this before.
i'm tired of complaining so much. i know i'm a pessimistic person lately...lets just say its part of my charm.
i remember a time when i wasn't so negative...but thats long gone. hopefully not forever, but its very very hard to imagine the light at the end of the tunnel right now.
since i'm not feeling particularly funny or poetic right now (and certainly, not artistic) i will post some things i wrote a couple of years ago (in spanish, followed by translation)
sorry, it's more "heart" crap.


las preocupaciones que no me dejan dormir,
los pensamientos de lo que "pudiera ser" no se van
invaden el alma
penetran el ser mas profundo.

el ser que quiere ser...feliz
el ser que quiere ser...unido
con esa alma gemela
ese otro ser que quiere estar...solo.
pero solo no se puede gozar,
solamente se puede pensar en lo que fue...
en lo que pudo ser,
en lo que nunca serà.


the worries do not let me sleep,
the thoughts of "what could be" don't go away,
they invade the soul,
penetrating the deepest part.

the one that wants to be...happy
the one that wants to be...united
with her soul mate
that other "one" that wants to be...alone
but alone you cannot enjoy,
you can only ponder on what was,
on what could have been,
on what will never be.



si supieras cariño...lo tanto que te quiero.
como te siento tan adentro,
penetrando mi alma.
dime esas palabras que haran mi ser volar
tan alto como las nuves.
si pudieras caer en mis brazos,
te guardaria tan seguro.
nunca sufririas,
nunca sentirias angustia...
solo amor, felicidad, pasiòn.
que rico es el amor!
dejame quererte.


if you only knew, much i love you.
how i feel you deep within,
penetrating my soul.
tell me...
tell me those words that will make me soar
as high as the clouds.
if you could fall into my arms,
i would keep you so safe.
you would never suffer,
would never feel grief...
only love, joy, passion.
how delicious is love!
let me love you.

ok, thats enough for now. i'll save some for the next "uncreative" moment.


Anonymous said...

You know I can remember telling my older sister 20+ years ago that she was so negative. She told me then just wait until life has knocked you around. Oh the arrogance of youth, I told her I would never be that negative. Now I fight to be positive. You can only have your hopes and dreams not realized before it is easier to expect the worst than be disappointed yet again, so I'll pull up a chair, you pour the coffee and we'll whine together....By the way, your poetry is amazing, Ana. Can you sing? or play the piano, because I always wanted to sing, speak Spanish, play the piano, be an artist and a poet and you got me beat on 3 out of 5 so far. Mucarsma, Belle (eek) I mean Aimee

writerwoman said...

how delicious is love!

that is my favorite line. It was interesting to see the Spanish and english versions.

Sara, from Poets Who Blog.