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Saturday, February 24, 2007


from the moment i saw the preview for the movie "the number 23" with Jim Carrey, I got very excited. i love this type of movie...the suspense, the edge of your seat thrills, not knowing whats happening next, trying to unravel the mysteries before you, occult undertones...

well, i went to see it and i'm afraid that it didn't quite live up to my expectations. as a matter of fact, not only was i bored, i actually was yawning and getting verrrry sleepy (i might have been coming down from an adrenaline rush resulting from getting pissed off at work - the kind of "pissed off" that caused my vision to blur and my whole body to shake, yeah). anyway, there were some predictable moments (lady going through dark, abandoned building by herself, of course, flock of birds rushing past her...yawn) and some funny moments (which i think were unintentional) and some ridiculous plot sequences which served no purpose.

i go to movies to escape...i live for those moments when the movie i've just watched, leaves me wanting more; leaves questions searching for answers; leaves me plastered in my seat until the last of the credits has rolled by, because my mind is racing with possibilities; where i walk out of the theater looking up to the sky and remember how minuscule and yet how grand we really are....thats why i go to the movies

i'm disappointed to say that this movies left me wanting to get a refund (its a shame because i've grown somewhat fond of Jim)

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Amie said...

I saw Jim Carrey on David Letterman last week and the clip they showed from the movie looked so stupid I thought this is a horror/suspense movie even I could watch. I've only seen 2 of his movies the Truman Show and Bruce Almighty otherwise I just cannot seem to enjoy him.
And by the way...what does that really mean "what is the meaning of life", do we really mean what gives life meaning when we say that?