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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Fish Naming contest

You won't get anything, except pride and joy in knowing your "contribution" was chosen.

OK, here's the deal.

On a previous post, I mentioned that I had acquired a pretty blue Betta fish named Mickey (so far he's surviving splendidly - keep your fingers crossed). The following day, I purchased a new home for Mickey (so he had more space) and I couldn't resist buying another Betta fish (he's younger and very red).

For some reason, I can't come up with a name...its just not coming to me.
So, I need your help.
I'll give it a week (I'm sure he won't mind being without a name for another 7 days, the feisty little guy)

Here's a picture of Mickey :

And here's a picture of (?________?) - Remember: Its a BOY.


Anonymous said...

When I name my animals it usually happens organically as I get to kow their personality, so trying to find the best name from a picture is hard. However, I like the name Beni, which is a Japanese word for red...even though I believe these fish are from Thailand. But seems to go with Mickey for me for some reason. about Carmine, which is a bright red color? Mucarsma!

Ana said...

Hello there. I really like these names. I don't think I'm going to get too many participants...oh well. I'll still wait the full week.

Anonymous said...

i vote spike since u didnt like ernest

Ana said...

Ernest? I never saw that entry (?) But you're right, I'm not too fond of it (lol).
Spike is cool, though.