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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

This happened yesterday, but I haven't felt up to tellin' y'all about it until now.

I almost had a fender bender at work and I was so angry, as I was cursing (first Spanish, then very colorful English), I told the girl to put her window down, so she could hear me cursing her out (she of course followed instruction). I put my car in park and was seriously about to get out (for what? I'm not sure). But some unseen, powerful force stopped me (thankfully).

I really was trying to teach her a lesson, by explaining how she needs to be careful...etc, etc.
But of course, I was screaming all this...and by the look on her very pale face, I think I must have looked like the devil incarnate.

I have never ever screamed to someones face "you stupid bitch!!!" until yesterday...and hopefully I never will again.

So she sheepishly said, "ok, go" - telling me to go ahead of her. (this time I followed her instruction, lest I should end up in the slammer)

Do I need anger management?
maybe just need to paint?
perhaps get laid?

I'd say....the last 2 would be phenomenal!

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