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Saturday, March 10, 2007


i have been altered, even if for just a moment...

what a magnificent piece of artistic integrity.

incorruptible, luminous and intense.

i seriously cannot say more, simply because there are no words to describe this film, i would only do it an must see and experience it for yourself.

do i exaggerate? i think not...i think as an artist, because i am an artist, who appreciates and recognizes true beauty when its present, in its rare form of brilliance and inspiration.

every artist has this capability, because they've reached it within themselves at one point or another (whether they recognize it or can admit it, is another story) - i only wish everyone could feel this at least once in their lives.

i do not exaggerate. i left the theatre with an aching in my heart because of the beauty i had witnessed and it remains yet.

its unexplainable, really.

the bright miami sunlight has dulled...the cool breeze feels stale

i hope i am not sounding overly dramatic - unfortunately i know whoever reads these words will roll their eyes and think i am "on" something.

but i knew i had to write this now, just in case it, this feeling...did slip my being.

i have tears in my eyes, because especially lately, i have not felt inspired by anything. on the contrary, i have felt stifled and empty and disheartened and embittered by the lack of beauty and inspiration in my please allow me this indulgence.

i cannot recommend this film for everyone, because it is NOT for everyone, especially children.

if you disagree with what i've said, thats fine.
because its really not even about the film itself...
but about what it conjured within me, even if for just a moment...

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writerwoman said...

Well you've conviced me to check it out.