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Thursday, March 8, 2007

as i was getting ready this morning (no, this one is not about my attire panic attacks) my neighbor was outside watering his plants and through no effort of my own (i swear, the guy is so loud - there is no reason, why i should be able to hear him with no windows open, ok?) i heard him speaking to another neighbor....

i couldn't catch what the other guy was saying at that point - of course, because he speaks like a normal human being.

my "wonderful" neighbor said and i quote:

"yeah, wives have to work, because if they stay at home they start getting fat and lazy"
at that point i did hear the other moron, only because he chortled in agreement

i am not making this up.

i think i had an aneurysm (vision blurred, couldn't speak - well, i was by myself, but still)

what an idiot!

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