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Saturday, March 17, 2007

he remembered her name after 60 years

just saw a video clip and thought i'd share the story with a little hope to those of us who find it impossible to find love.

i did some editing on the following article, because the original version was not very informative.


It took more than 60 years to remember her name.

She had a Mona Lisa smile, bountiful black hair and took his breath away.
But she had a boyfriend, so that was the end of that.

He went to war, came back got married, had 3 children. He was widowed after 53 years of marriage and his daughter pleaded with him to get out and meet people...because he was so depressed and isolated.
But he didn't want to bother with meeting anyone new.

All those years, he just could not remember that beautiful girls name.

But Ralph Dial says it finally came to him.

He was driving back from visiting his daughters in Atlanta and Montgomery, Ala., during Christmastime 2002.
Now, after all those years and on this drive home, he suddenly remembered her name was Vinita Anderson.

A couple of days later, Dial was reading the recent Knoxville News Sentinel and he came upon a letter to the editor, which was signed Vinita Anderson.

He couldn't believe what he was was that possible?

After searching phone books to no avail, he called the News Sentinel. The editorial department contacted Anderson on Dial's behalf. And she called him in a few minutes. She only lived 30 miles away. He had become a widower in early 2002. Her husband had died in 1991. Their conversation continued over dinner at Regas Restaurant

Four years later, Dial asked for Anderson's hand in marriage.

A coral-colored suit adorned with beaded flowers on the collar will be Anderson's "wedding gown" on March 17 -- the same day they became engaged last year...60+ years after they first met

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