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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i painted!!!

i did small ones yesterday....and boy what a whirlwind they have created within my being (if you've been following this torturous blog you know that i haven't painted for a while. doing these little paintings has stirred some major feelings within - life changing stuff - i'll keep you updated on anything that might result)

these are the 3rd, 4th and 5th oil paintings i've ever attempted, so be gentle...I'm just warming up.

The first one I ever tried was a fairly large one (approx 4x5 ft) titled "the reading" - gosh, done about 10 years ago. I'm afraid I don't have a very good image of this one.

"The Reading" (oil on canvas, 1997)

The 2nd (don't have any image, was done for a color theory class)

i've really been wanting to do small oil paintings for a while, just haven't had the guts.
have always secretly loved the smell and visceral quality of the oil paints...and don't even get me started on Mineral Spirits (mmmmmm...yeah, I also love the smell of gasoline and resin, so what?)

a couple of drawbacks for using oil (for me):
- being the most impatient person in the world- it's the drying time - and there's something wrong about cheating with drying agents. i feel it should dry when its good and ready!
- there is also my tendency to be much "neater/cleaner" w
hen using water based media. i guess just knowing that i can clean off with soap and water, helps me to relax and i don't get it all over the place. well, not so with oils - i have to come up with a better system.

anyway i finally bought some oil paints and small stretched canvases (4x6 inches; 5x7 inches) and within 2 (or was it 3?) blissful hours i did these 4 abstracts. i will be trying specific subject matter next, but since i was just so happy, arbitrarily mixing colors without a plan (which is how i tend to work anyway) i realized that i just wanted to put color down, worry about subject these are the results.....eek!!!

by the way:
- sorry for the glare (that's oil paint for ya - or is that a bad photographer for ya???) yes, they are that dark


Amie said...

Does it same something about me or you that I always finds some sexual connotation in your work?

Ana said...

Hi Amie,

I think it says something about ME. Its not unusual - as I have been "sexually dysfunctional" for ALL of my adult life. Its funny though, I don't see it in these paintings - have I stopped seeing the sexual connotations in my own work???
That cannot be good.
Then again, maybe its YOU, with your sexually freaky self! (LOL)