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Friday, March 16, 2007

i'm undergoing a difficult time.
(yes i know, you don't care)
things are about to change again and its just as terrifying as every other major upheaval has been for me.
i know that everyone else has tough times, i really DO know this...but right now its about me and others don't matter.
is that selfish, yes. perhaps cruel even. i don't strength to care right now.

its hard when the people you truly love and cherish don't understand you. they think they know the answers, but perhaps those answers they have for you, fit them or someone else.

i don't want to hear lectures, i can't bear any judgment or comparisons to "so and so's" similar experiences..."you should do what they did" doesn't comfort me.
i can't handle advice that comes from "deaf ears", deaf to my specific circumstance, to my needs.

is it only another artist that can understand? i'm thinking this is the case. everyone seems to find this particular artists needs, as frivolous and irresponsible.

i cannot, WILL NOT change who i am at the moment. its serving a purpose, which is unknown to me...a big frickin see who withstands the rough, gruff nature of a frustrated, misunderstood artist.

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