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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've been making an attempt at "clearing" boxes to get stuff for a yard sale I will participate in on Saturday. Anyway, I came across a notebook containing poems I wrote in my early 20's (eek).

The following was written in September of 1993. I was 22 years old. I was beginning to come to grips with and accept (yes, i said accept) the idea of reincarnation and was a wide-eyed, romantic young fool, eh...woman. I also thought that rhyming was "the shit".

Its interesting. I don't think I will be capable of writing anything with this type of sentiment ever again. its so sappy, and quite disgusting, lol.

Here it is:

"Forever I'll Be His" (9-1993)

as i'm lying in my bed,
i feel him standing near.
to catch a glimpse, I turn my head
but he suddenly disappears.

i loved him once, its been some time,
i remember his strength and height.
he sang love songs and spoke with rhyme,
i was his lady and he was my knight.

he pledged his heart to me that day,
his eyes held a special shine
i heard, while on the grass i lay,
as he swore to always be mine.

i must explain to you the reader,
who might not understand.
why he and i have been together
despite time and different lands.

his love came with a promise,
that from me he'd never part.
our souls were then sealed with a kiss,
we will never be torn apart.

as we are born to another life,
yet from another we have died.
i have been brother, mother, sister, wife
and he's never left my side.

although you may not comprehend
how souls can bond like this.
i cannot help but to defend
this miracle which brings such bliss.

i'm twenty-two years old right now,
in the year of ninety-three.
in my dreams i hear him vow,
that he'll soon return to me.

while i wait for his return,
i'm happy to recall.
the days of which my heart still yearns,
to see him standing tall.

as i write this poem,
i am sitting under a tree
i was trying hard to remember him,
when i noticed a man look at me.

he begins to walk to where i am,
i notice the blue of the sky
he says "hello my name is Sam"
with a familiar gleam in his eye.

i recognize his handsome face,
though i've never seen him before.
but his smile, time could not erase,
my heart began to soar

at that moment, i thought with glee
"forever i'll be his"
and as he sat down next to me,
i said, "hi my name is Cris"

as you read this you might think,
that it cannot happen to you.
please, do not let your heart sink,
for i once also believed that was true.

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