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Saturday, March 17, 2007

What Famous Leader Are You?

I found this on Tonie's blog and decided to try it. Her's is pretty accurate , but I don't know if I agree with my results. I am NO Gandhi right now....a few years ago, maybe.
I am sure that Gandhi didn't curse like a sailor (or did he???)

What Famous Leader Are You?
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Amie said...

Don't know what happened to my comment yesterday on my leadership capabilities, but I am Che Guevera!(you know I always desired to speak Spanish and have a thing for Latino men. I am leader of pot smokers with a revolutionary style and a desire to die on a mountainside. That is so me! I hope they retrieve my body before the bugs get me, should I get my nails done before I run up the mountain guns ablazing? hhhmmm let me check my next appt. it will have to be after I get y hair highlighted, Pass that doobie this way!

Ana said...

This might be long and I really do hope you're not offended, because its not about you...but a chord has been struck.

This is delicate, because it involves politics - which is a very loaded subject, as we all know.

Folks, remember that its my blog and these are just my opinions.

I was the one that deleted your comment, because it contains a name I didn't want on my blog. Explaining my reasoning involves a long, politically charged conversation that I don't really care to participate in (because everyone thinks their own opinion is the right one, and you never get anywhere but "angry" - at least thats been my experience. So I don't discuss politics, ever.)

Suffice it to say that I don't cherish nor admire Che Guevara, nor his Latin-American ideological, machista, revolutionary lifestyle. In my opinion he deserved the end he received.

These figures who are seen as so "cool" by people in this country, were at the time of their "glory", admired and revered by some,yes...but feared and abhorred by the rest. Because they were simply put trouble-makers who were really only trying to get their names etched in the history books.

Congrats to them, they succeeded in that.

Its abhorrent to delight in the actions of someone who created such strife and discord (under the guise of leading their people to a better future), when all they have left behind is a mess and thousands of their people dying, LITERALLY, to come to this country.

So that the ones who DO make it can then come across some idiot on the street wearing the face of one of the biggest assholes on their t-shirt! I bet $1,000 that idiot has no idea who or what he really was.

It's ironic and fucking frustrating.

See? this is why I don't talk about these things, lol.

Anyway, still luv ya and no hard feelings (I hope).