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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Have you noticed that my last few posts have not been angry or negative? Well, I'VE noticed! I was sitting here getting ready to post photos of my back yard and I realized that I wasn't feeling any tension...feels pretty good!

I will be getting another job, there is no doubt about that. I just needed to take the time off (to help with my mom) and because I had planned and $aved, it was the right choice to make. Besides, I'll be able to do my work and focus on getting myself feeling like a bona fide artist again. Then I'll probably begin to panic and will need to focus on getting a job, once things settle down a bit with my mom's health issues.

The main worry I have today are whether or not the artwork will arrive in Brazil, without breaking and on time (or at all - sometimes I don't quite trust the Post Office). There is also a new dent in my dwindling savings for 2 new tires and alignment, which by the way has now made my car a communist. Explain, you ask? Well, since I've had the car it has perpetually drifted to the right, despite a couple of alignments. And I just got used to it. Well now, after alignment #3 it drifts to the left....oh well, lol).

Anyway, here are some pics of my back yard & the container of herbs I planted yesterday. My dad built this "bridge" thing that he kept insisting he wanted to do in the yard. Now its finally done and I've helped him plant flowers, etc. to fix it up a little bit. It's still in the growing stage, but its nice and feels relaxing when you sit and look at the occasional butterfly or lizards, etc.

I hope you enjoy them.

Back Yard, left side

Back Yard, Right dad built that brown
3-step shelf thingy for some of my favorite flowering

My baby Bougainvillea! Got it from a guy off the street
for $8! I've always wanted one. It's in a pot now,
because if/when, we/I move I would hate to leave
it behind in the ground.

Left = mystery herb. There was no

label on it, but it has a pungent smell, so I got it. I'm
gonna do research to figure out what it is.
Middle = the Herb Container

Close Up of Herb Container

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