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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I thought I'd treat myself to a movie yesterday. A sort of celebration, if you will, of my newly-established unemployed status.

I went to see "Fracture"and thought it was pretty good.
Its a true "edge of your seat" thriller.
And even though you know the premise before you walk into the theater, the film leaves room throughout, to wonder what might happen next.

And I don't care what anyone says - Anthony Hopkins is and will always be one hell of a sexy man.

I'll never forget my reaction when I was viewing my newly purchased copy of the Hannibal soon as it came out, of course. In the "extras", they have alternate scenes that were left out of the film. Well, there was one scene where Hannibal is following Clarice, who happens to be jogging and he detours and heads to her car, jimmy's the door open and sits there...trying to breathe her essence in......then......he licks the steering wheel. I couldn't believe it. Anthony Hopkins licking a freaking steering wheel! It was awesome.

What ???

Come on! I cannot be the only woman who finds that arousing?
OK, so Dr. Hannibal is a sadistic serial killer. But, why must we be so judgmental?

Um...You think I need professional help , don't you?

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