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Saturday, April 21, 2007

sometimes i wonder....

i know i over-think things, but....i often wonder about the missed opportunities in life. i know i'm not the only one that's had them. i think its human nature. we give into our fears, whatever they might be...simply because its easier than dealing with difficulties that "making the right decision" might bring our way.

we forget that our nature, the reason we are to, through our actions and choices, find the way to our True [pure] Selves again. to be happy, to be good to others and to ourselves... ultimately this is what makes the world go round in a balanced and correct way. the worlds' current/recent problems are evidence that we are all just giving into fear and choosing the easier, yet more destructive path.

how many people have come close to being a part of our lives....but, for whatever reason, we have pushed them aside...not allowing them to bring light into our worlds. we push people away because they aren't thin or pretty or rich or popular or employed or the right race or tall or "fill in your own blank"....and we don't realize that these superficial things are fleeting, impermanent and ultimately unimportant.

someone's spirit, intelligence, humor, emotions, smile, kindness, bravery....all ethereal qualities that are permanent and life altering. these qualities are what should direct who we allow into our lives, who we keep coming back to or more importantly, who we never let go of in the first place.

does any of this make sense? or am i just a sentimental, idealistic fool...?...

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