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Friday, April 20, 2007

well, i'm done...

ok, here's a new poem

"within the confines"

new beginnings...
the roads are endless,
possibilities unfettered.

time's endless game
of give and take,
letting go and starting anew.

fear is now useless,
for it has no purpose
in unchartered territory.

the mind races forward,
anxious to augur destiny...
so futile an exercise.

brandishing the weapons
of courage and confidence,
to forge ahead in the battle

of wrestling love and doubt.
the likelihood of defeat
is grand and expected.

however the risk of victory
will allow hope to endure
within the confines of the heart.

1 comment:

writerwoman said...

Love how bold this poem is. It is full of hope and fear and a sense of fighting for a new life. It makes me want to reach out and grab a dream.

Sara from Poets Who Blog.