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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A few things...

Yesterday I decided I needed to go for a drive...tired of seeing the outdoors through a window. So I started driving around (yes, even though gas prices are ridiculously high). Sometimes you just HAVE to, you know? For me driving (without the need of getting somewhere on time) has a very calming effect.

After driving for a little bit, I thought I'd take advantage and go see "Shrek, the Third". I LOVED it. I was the only person in the theatre (I was there pretty early), so I was able to laugh out loud, literally. It was awesome and hilarious. You MUST see it, you won't be disappointed.

I then stopped by Borders Bookstore and they had a good bargain bin, so I got a couple of books for my mom and got myself 3 books:

- "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde - I saw the movie when I was a child and have been fascinated by this story ever since. The idea that a painting does your aging and suffering for you - well, somehow it's a concept I can really wrap my brain around. Objects have energy, in particular the energy of their owners, so its possible right? I found the story online, so you can read it too if you want.

- "MC Escher: the Graphic Work" - I've always liked his work , because its so inventive and detailed and he obviously is a bit OCD. This small book has an introduction by the artist (nice to read the artists own words). Its a good compilation of his work.

- "Dictionary of Theories" - I LOVE reference books - dictionaries, thesauri, name it. This one is an alphabetical arrangement of over 5,000 theories covering the arts, economics, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and hard sciences...pretty cool.

I love books....I am NOT a nerd!


Sasha said...

Ana, I think you are just !!!AWESOME!!!

Love your writing.


Ana said...


Thank you for the compliment. You are too kind