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Thursday, May 10, 2007

hair cut and a movie...

Hair Cut:

Woke up this morning with the idea that I had to cut my hair....just HAD to.

My original plan was to run an errand, then go to the movies. But, because the thought was so strong, I decided to go get it cut (before I changed my mind)....then run the errand...then go to the movies.

I thought I look kinda cute (for the majority of the day, actually). Had a couple of guys give me a second glance too! (I don't really think it was my imagination, either or was it?) Its amazing, what "feeling cute" will do for someone! You carry yourself differently, smile more, and walk or shall I say strut as if you're the coolest thing since sliced bread (btw, why is that a saying? really? do YOU think sliced bread is cool???)

Anyway, I'm totally over it now, since I'm not feelin' so hot anymore, lol. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. And unfortunately there is no pic, because I should have taken it when I was feeling good about it. Now, it will NEVER happen.


Well, finally saw Spider Man 3.
I liked it (don't care what the critics say).
I DO have some gripes (granted, some are just superficial things) and here they are in no particular order:
- MJ is soooo annoying - typical silly, skinny twit of a girlfriend. Helloooo, your boyfriend is Spiderman, get a frickin grip and give him a break already. Chick has the "whitest" legs I've ever seen too and her teeth are small (really, take a close look - actually, you don't even have to get that close). Also could have done without her oh-so-obvious lip synching scenes with a voice that doesn't match her own whiney one.
- I do not like whats-his-face Harry either. I don't think he's very good as an actor. And that fake "I'm-trying-to-be-evil" laugh/smile....ugh. yes, you're convinced spiderman killed your father. get over it OR become really good at something evil and kill him already!
- I will agree with some critics that the scene where "dark" Peter interrupts "stupid" MJ's singing at the jazz club is kind of a goofy scene. I guess I just happened to like Peters close ups.
- And the butler? Bloody Hell. Could he not have shared that little tidbit earlier? Would have saved a lot of time.

HMM....kinda sounds like I didn't like it, doesn't it? lol

I really thought the scene where the Sandman is "being born" was beautiful...actually brought tears to my eyes. Ok, yes I'm hormonal, but it was so symbolic and I thought, quite lovely.

I also loved "dark" Peter Parker - thought he was sexy that way...mmmm

OK, yes I need help. But just to clarify - I only love FICTIONAL psychotic men. I wouldn't want one in my real life....come on now!

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