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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Idea #3

Hello again.

Somehow I was able to finish it. It being the digital painting titled, "I have an Idea, #3".

I could probably work some more on it, but I'm feeling very impatient and antsy, so I've made the executive decision that its done.

I like this one more than the previous one (hopefully I can say that for all the others to come). I'm getting more comfortable with the paint program and the tools that allow for more details and
blending. I'm also excited about combining both my figurative elements and the organic/abstract forms (that I tend to call "doodles", but are really "innerscapes") within the same piece.


Amie said...

Ana, You can delete this if you want, just wanted to pass this on. I know you never met Blue in person, but thought you might like to know that he passed away April 26 in a motorcycle accident in Boston. Last night I got one of those dreaded calls in the night from Curious, she had just found out. I hadn't talked to him since Oct 29 when he and Summer called to harass me. So sad how we take our existence for granted and then in one minute someone is gone from our life. Just 2 days after his accident, I hit a deer head on, thankfully I was not hurt, but still am spooked when driving because I know how lucky I am.

I had so much fun with you, Marie, Curious and Summer in Georgia. And the laughs we shared "in the room". I am trying to figure out how to fit Mucarsma on a vanity license plate. Love ya, Aimee

Ana said...

When accidents occur, where someone comes out unscathed, there is definitely a larger force at work and its a deliberate action that has taken place. Coincidence does not exist, as far as I'm concerned.

My best friend Tonie and I know from first hand experience when we walked/hobbled away from a massive accident that "should" have killed and/or maimed us both, 3 years ago. But it didn't kill us. It did leave emotional and physical scars, but I know that those things....EVERYthing happens for a reason. There are lessons to be learned and its up to us to figure it out, so we don't waste the opportunity that's been handed us.