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Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Garden

a couple of months ago (approximately), i planted some seeds along the fence in the back yard where there was a "bald spot". i've been waiting and waiting for those flowers. Progress is so slow (gardening is full of life lessons, you know?). We've had an atypical dry spring this year in Miami, actually have water restrictions, so the ground was not at its optimum. I wish I had the forethought of taking pictures of the journey.....eventually there were little sprouts, then they grew some more and the leaves changed and seemed to mature. Every few days I would check to see if there were any buds...but nuthin. Then about a week ago I realized that the sprouts were now mature enough to have the beginnings of exciting!!! A few days ago I looked and there were FLOWERS!!! Woohoo!!! They're BLOOMING!! Yipee (frickin finally!!!) In one of my favorite colors, no less.

Here are some pictures of my humble garden (hee)

I grew these!

All by myself...

NO help from nature at all, :D

Here are some more pictures of the flowers in the back and updated photos of my balcony.

Colors are more accurate in this one than the one below.

I just wanted you to see those pigeons...they're the size of a small dog! Scared the heck out of me when they flew past me

My balcony and moms tree (don't know what its called, some gardener I am)

One side of the balcony

Other side

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