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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Tao Em Brasil" exhibition in Suzano, Brazil

I had mentioned before that I would post the work (digital drawings/illustrations) submitted to an exhibition I was invited to participate in, located in
Suzano (a city in Sao Paolo, Brazil).

Here they are:

This one is 8"x10". (the white border on the right is not part of the piece). This was the first of the "idea" series. I have an overly active imagination and I tend to daydream a lot. I live in my head most of the time...lots of things in there to keep me interested, I suppose. So this is sort of a representation of the ideas that flow or float within my head.

"I have an Idea, 1"


These 3 were printed 4"x6" and are grouped together in a 11"x14 frame.
These pieces are also related to fantasizing or daydreaming (the bubble thoughts - the perfect body, loving relationship, sensual experiences). The external figures have markings to try to improve appearance. This shows up a lot in my work because sometimes (in my darkest moments), I see myself as a "monster", someone in need of major improvement physically - so these are the marks a plastic surgeon makes on the body, before surgery. The figure improves slightly from the first to the last, but its never perfect...

"Wish List, Item 1"

"Wish List, Item 2"

"Wish List, Item 3"


The following are each printed 4"x6", framed 8"X10", grouped together.
Again, these reference my issues with my weight, body image, etc. I think they're pretty self explanatory.

"What is This a Freak Show?"

"Wow, I've Lost Weight!"

"Hmm...I Think Something's Missing"

"Table For One"

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