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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

well, lookey here....

Just read an article that states that Miami is the #1 city!!!!......for road rage, that is. Well, you should know this is no surprise to me. For I'm afraid that I've been an active contributor to this reputation (I wonder if they were watching me??? NO, I'm not paranoid at all).

Click HERE to read the article.

Now this will give Miami-bashers extra ammunition. Not that I'm in love with Miami, mind you and not that I care to defend it either. I agree that we're aggressive drivers... but on a daily basis I have someone let me cut in front of them and I let people cut in front of me all the time (hmmm... why did I say "cut" twice?). Yes, I might complain about it while I'm doing it, but I still let them and I even do it with a smile...sometimes.

For the results of this "list", I mostly blame it on the youth of today. Young drivers (especially the boys), now THEY are rude and careless and disrespectful and reckless and mean and stupid (no, I'm not biased at all, thank you very much)


OK, its official....I'm old!!! ("the youth of today"???)

Really, is it surprising that people are angry here?
I mean, its frickin hot for most of the year!
The humidity makes even the best hair frizz out of control!
If you're not a size 0-2 you're considered a freak!
Most men are superficial and jerks! (no, I'm still not biased)
Gas prices are gonna be $4.00 soon!
There is 24/7 traffic congestion!

OK, I'm getting upset now...I think I'll go for a drive!!!

1 comment:

Amie said...

I saw the article about Miami's road rage and thought of you. came to post the article and see that you already saw it.

No judgment from me, I have been known to scream every swear word I know and a few I have made up, wildly waving my arms as if that is going to change someone from an f**** asshole to a model driver because I act and look like a head case....