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Friday, June 29, 2007

another week has gone by

and i can't quite believe it. Then again, maybe I can.

I had not been able to continue my house plans, because I mis-read the price of the smartdraw program.
It was $199, not $99, ouch.
I've tried finding a trial offer through other venues, but haven't had any I've been stuck.
Then i came across another program, but this one focuses on 3d home design. I've been trying to figure out how to work the damned thing and its taking "forever" (measured by my ever-growing impatience). The 2d one was much simpler and for my needs, worked great.


I've been working with this for the last 4-5 days and I've gotten this far (see pics below). Now I feel that I need to make the others into 3d, since it looks kind of cool - Yes, I'm never satisfied, I know.

This is the house I'm living in now. Notice how I didn't say "home". I have no home, lol.
I love that its solitary and especially missing are the next door neighbors attached to our townhouse (if you wish it, maybe it comes true??)

I shall point out that this "virtual" version is clutter free (another fantasy, I suppose).

8751 - Front view

Left side view.

Back view

Right side view

dollhouse view, 1st floor

dollhouse view, 2nd floor

front of house

Dining area

Dining/entrance, from living

living room



family room

view of bath and laundry


Back yard:

1 comment:

Xhyra said...

How cool. It actually looks like the house you live in.