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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

the balcony dweller

I've been meaning to put pictures of my buddy, the lizard that lives on my balcony. He's so cute. He hangs out there and I think he sleeps on the branches of the plant behind the chair,
'cause the other day that we had some bad weather and it was really windy, he ran over to that particular plant, jumped on a branch and was holding on for dear life til the wind subsided a bit.

He's actually a Green Anole . And I'd say he's about 7-8 inches long, including his tail.

It's very entertaining, watching him hunt for food, walk around on the railing, stopping usually on the same spot to sunbathe...he changes from bright green to brown so quickly its cool. I saw him catch one of those little flying thingies - well isn't
that descriptive - you know what they are...they look like tiny butterflies, they're black and have (I think) 4 wings...they're tiny. What are they called???! I don't think its gnats, 'cause don't those bite? These are....ahhh, nevermind!

Anyway, it was interesting. He bypasses the ants that crawl over his feet. Now those little guys are fearless and don't care that he's a gazillion times bigger than they are. As far as they're concerned he's in their way to wherever they're going (which is probably inside to my room to bug the hell out of me).

Sometimes he is standing on the edge of the sliding glass door (which has reflective window cling, so it's like a mirror on the outside) and he looks at himself for quite a while. He displays his crest every time. He thinks its another anole in his territory OR maybe he's just checkin' himself out for the lady lizards.

OK, I know I need to get out of the house....but come on! He's adorable!

Anyway, here are the photos:

Here he is, resting on the railing...bright green

Here he a brown mood

"Mature males have ridge or crest down back called a "roach" which is used in territorial and breeding displays."

Close ups in front of "mirror", displaying the "roach":

Isn't he COOL???
Aww, he's trying to protect his territory from himself...

No one said he was a genius, folks.

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