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Monday, June 4, 2007

Here is a pic of the "free" wall. I put up 3 small , 4 yr old drawings so I can be inspired...not quite working yet, but its only been a day.

colors are off and don't mind the glare

The long drawing on the right is one that I had started a few years ago and decided to start working on it again. It had the beginnings of the face and that weird hump and part of the body. Yesterday I completed the rest of it, as you see it now.

Re: yesterday's post while viewing this new drawing..................
Nevermind what the hell is wrong with men...what the hell is wrong with me?!

This drawing is creepy, but whatever...I'm ok with being able to conjure up these strange images. Lets just say I'm exorcising my "demons" and BOY are there a LOT of those.

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