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Friday, June 22, 2007

house plans #2

I would like to make an attempt at testing my recollection skills (which are quite lacking in many areas).
So I've decided to make plans again for all the houses I've lived in.
Well, why not?
They will definitely be more sophisticated/detailed than any I've attempted before.

Here is the first of ten:

My place in Tuscaloosa
(2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath townhouse)


The cars show the two spots where I preferred to park. if I timed it right I could usually get them. but sometimes it didn't quite work out and I ended up by the dumpster, causing me to walk fast, with keys in hand thinking someone was gonna jump out of the woods and start chasing me to kill me - I have mentioned that I'm not paranoid, right? whatever, it was really dark at night and the trees creaked when they swayed (aww, the village).

The furniture depicted is actually all I had. Very scarce and I loved it that way.
My recliner and little table in the middle of the living room, in front of the fireplace and tv. behind that, the whole wall was shelving with all my art supplies organized very nicely. A bookshelf with all my books and movies. The left wall, there was a table with my computer and the middle of the wall was where I painted. Upstairs was my bedroom and the extra room was supposed to be my studio, but I just didn't like working up there. I was always worried that if someone broke in, I wouldn't be able to hear them til it was too late. Look, I'm from Miami - enough said. I had actually set up the studio up there and after a month or so (after finishing the first painting), had to schlep all the stuff down to the living room. When someone helped me set up the shelves there, that allowed me to get all my art supplies (that are now in the boxes surrounding me) out and organized...i felt much better working downstairs. The second bedroom basically became a storage area.
Oh, that little person to the left represents a mannequin I had gotten from the army reserve closet at FIU. When they were refurbishing the painting studio, which was the army reserve's storage space, they threw a lot of stuff out and of course, I needed the mannequin - its a male torso.
In the patio area, I had one of those cheap, plastic but very comfy, green "Adirondack" type chairs you get at kmart or walmart (hey, I couldn't afford the real thing) and I had a few plants (most of which died because of the cold weather during the winter). I brought back 2 plants to Miami. One was a money tree (which I brought with me when I came to Miami for my 1st vacation after moving and left it there,because during that week it thrived more than it ever did up there) and the other an aloe plant which has grown so much and has "birthed" several baby aloe plants (however you call that in gardening) - I'm quite proud of that one and every time I look at it, I remember when I bought it and how small it was...sigh.

Good Lord, I miss that place.

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