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Monday, July 9, 2007

geez...ANOTHER week???

oh well.

have begun the job search, 'cause....yes, its time.

did some ANGRY painting today. its been a while since i've done that. not because i haven't been angry, but because i haven't been painting while so angry.

angry painting has always worked for me, although at some point i'm inevitably tempted to stick a brush through the wall...or is that a fist?

its ok, it didn't happen this time and never has.

i got out a small angry piece (i'll take a pic tomorrow) and painted some more on that weird demon-looking drawing that i had not touched for a couple of weeks.

so overall it was a good experience...and i'm not as angry right now. although does anyone else (other than george n 'me ) feel like they wish they had never been born? um, ok...i'll leave that one for another day.

here are some pics of my tuscaloosa home in 3D....finally!

dollhouse view, 1st floor

dollhouse view, 2nd floor

front view


kitchen, right side

kitchen, left side

downstairs bath, 1 side

other side

living room, right side

living room, middle

living room, left side

back yard, patio

back view

view of woods in back

upstairs hall

my bedroom

my bedroom, 2

upstairs bathroom, 1

upstairs bathroom, 2

2nd bedroom


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