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Friday, August 24, 2007

"what I'm feelin' " & metallica

you may or may not know that i am a big fan of metallica. when i first heard of them, i thought they were devil worshippers and anyone who listened to them were following in their footsteps. with their long hair and tattoos and heavy metal, drug-using, head banging ways - well, they scared me.

sometimes ignorance is not bliss...sometimes its just plain stupidity.

it took a few years for me to give them a second (or maybe first?) chance and once i actually heard the lyrics, well i was hooked and fell in this day. because i understood where they were coming from, their lyrics inspire and move me.
these men are smart, sexy and talented.
what more could a girl ask for?
they certainly transport me to another place, that same place where my art has usually taken me...its a good for reflection and deep thought and much needed isolation.

here is a playlist with some of my favorites, a few of these songs (welcome home (sanitarium), i disappear, one, so what...)mimic some of the feelings i've had of late. although i've never had the clapp (i think?) among other things mentioned in "so what", but i certainly identify with the attitude of "so fucking what"...sometimes you just want to scream it out, you know? the other songs on the play list are just a handful of my favorites (nothing else matters, turn the page, the memory remains, creeping death, the unforgiven, the unforgiven II) . i particularly love the instrumental version of nothing else matters, not sure which symphony (?) is playing it - i have to research a little bit.

anyway, i hope you enjoy them as much as i do. (click on the song titles above, to read the lyrics). you will definitely like the first one...its quite lovely.

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Amie said...

your boys have a small part in the movie The Darwin Awards