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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Holly and Hari

I've been meaning to post pictures of Holly (Mr. Hollywood) the Guinea Pig. I was babysitting him, for a friend who went on vacation and after some consideration, decided to take her up on her offer of keeping him. They had named him Holly before knowing he was male and I haven't changed his name because he recognizes it - I just now explain that Holly is short for Hollywood and leave it at that.

I've had him about 2 months now and he should be around 2 years old in December, so he's fairly young. I immediately got him a child's playpen as a home. I know, I know.....but it was actually cheaper to do that rather than get an official cage that wouldn't have been as easy to clean out as this is. At first I worried that he would chew the fabric, but he hasn't. I guess he enjoys the space, so he doesn't feel the need to chew on it, like he did his previous smaller cage. It also has wheels, so it makes it easy to move him out of the way when necessary.

Needless to say Holly is adorable. He starts doing these little jumps (its called "popcorning") when he hears the bag that has the hay and when I get close to him, he starts
running all around the perimeter of the pen. Unfortunately he also does that when I try to pick him up - makes me "chase" him before I finally corner him. He's getting more used to me handling him, although I don't think its necessarily his favorite thing to do. He'd rather be eating parsley and his hay than dealing with me. Anyway here are a few photos:

Yesterday I went to the pet store for some supplies and as usual did my little tour of all the animals they have, including the Betta Fish. One in particular caught my attention. He's a crowntail betta. I wish I could take them all home, they look so sad. Anyway, of course I bought him. So now I have 3 (blue one named Mickey, red named Beni) and now the yellow one , named Hari (sanskrit word for yellow. Hari is also one of the names for the Hindu god Vishnu).
He is quite feisty. He "flares" and tries to attack his reflection off the glass...

Here are a few photos:


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog, and girl its making me depressed. You really do have beautiful thoughts though. Everything you right is poetic, is that how you think? Very interesting. You should write a book. Love Natasha a.k.a Nay Nay

Anonymous said...

Your neice thinks you are beautiful(thats what my roommates thought when they saw your picture). Not only are you an amazing artist (kind of creepy)but your also a great writer. You should write a book. Love you Natasha a.k.a Nay Nay.