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Friday, September 7, 2007

"Captain" (new poem)

it's happened before,

probably will again,
while driving around this city most foul
where distance and time
serves as catalyst for my actions.

i notice the drunken stagger.
stranger danger doesn't deter me,
fair skin, light hair, jeans and a t-shirt is all i need.
a flood of memories
some good, many not.

this stirring within,
wants me to veer off my current course
to help him...whoever he is.
this intense tugging
telling me not to ignore him.

it asks me: doesn't he seem familiar?
it tells me: you know you miss him.
it urges me: go to that place, relive it, stir it up.
but i resist,
i know better than this.

i do remind myself, but of the painful moments.
one after the other,
over and over
sometimes chronological,
sometimes in no particular order.

by the time i'm done, i've arrived at my destination,
without any idea of how i got there.
i'm ashamed to admit this
but i can not deny, that
i do
now and forever

miss the aroma of the Captain he exhaled.

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