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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Beni passed away..

I noticed he was not moving much and a bit listless almost 2 weeks ago. I examined him carefully and noticed that he had a whitish film under his mouth. At first he seemed ok, he was eating and swimming around and even building a nest. I did a lot of research online and found so much conflicting information that it was kind of hard to know exactly what to do. But I had gone to the pet store and the guy there recommended a blue medication called Betta I treated him with that for a few days (following the instructions) then gave him a rest with clean water for a couple of days, because I've also read that the treatments stress them out.

I did not notice him getting better, so I started the treatment again...during which he kept eating although he was slowing down even more and for the last 3-4 days began hanging out only on the bottom of the tank. I've been stressed by this, thinking that I could be doing more so I went online again and among all the confusion came up with a list of medication and supplies (including perifix and melafix), aquarium salt (which I didn't know I needed before now) and rid ich - to try and cover all bases. I wasn't going to use them all, but thought I should have them. I had not purchased them til now because all this stuff is NOT cheap.

For those of you who are considering a $4.00 fish, you'll end up spending a LOT more than that if you want to be a conscientious betta owner, so be warned.

Anyway, since yesterday his breathing has been very labored and I've felt horrible that he was suffering, so I bought all this stuff and carefully read the instructions and cleaned his tank and made sure I had the proper measurements of the medication, etc. That was around 1 pm this afternoon. Since yesterday I've tried to urge him to eat, but he wasn't interested.

After putting the medication, I covered up the tank (as the research suggested), checking on him every once in a while. As the evening approached I uncovered the tank, since my room was dark enough and noticed that he wasn't moving. I turned his light on and saw that he was laying on his side at the bottom of the tank. I tapped the glass and didn't see him moving. I saw one bubble from his mouth and quickly realized that I was watching him die. I started to panic, not wanting him to suffer anymore and trying to find information on what to do and I looked at him and he flinched and swam up to the surface really fast than sank just as fast to the bottom and let out the last air bubble (I'll admit that this freaked me out).

I just sat there and stared at him, stupidly thinking he would revive again. I had him for only 8 months and for some reason am surprised at how sad I'm feeling.

My parents don't quite understand...they actually said, just flush him in the toilet and go buy a new one (who are these people and why don't they know me at all???)

Anyway, Beni is gone and I buried him in the garden next to some pretty little pink flowers...I don't care what anybody says.


Amie said...

oh my God, how sad...I am feeling a sense of loss too ( I did name him)...I'm very sorry Ana, I am going to hug all my beasts...

Ana said...

Hi Amie, thanks, I appreciate it. Its easy to get attached to these Betta fish, 'cause they have their unique personalities, its pretty amazing how different they all are.