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Thursday, October 11, 2007

new computer drawing

i've started to think i might have
add (aside from the depression) because I start a project, all excited, then after one or two pieces, i feel the need to move on to the next thing. i currently have 3-4 "series;" that i've started and have not been able to complete (they are in the perpetual back burner).

there are artists who are used to working this way. they have several things going on at the same time, as a way of both maintaining a freshness to the work and never having "down time". but i've never been able to do that. i usually like taking an idea to fruition, so that there is nothing pending.

this inability to focus on something for longer than a day or two is frustrating me.

anyway, here's another series i've started - the fat girl series. technically i've done 4 of these fat girl drawings (see below), but they are fairly simple.

"table for one, please"

"i feel like something's missing"

"wow, i've lost weight!"

i wanted to do a series of these computer drawings that had more "painterly" qualities as well as chronicled some of my daily activities, with the usual symbolic elements i introduce in my work.

i really like the way it turned out.
hope you enjoy it too.

"fat girl - watering the plants"

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